I interviewed 3 florists and one was so much cheaper than the other two. We think we are going with the cheaper one. What are your thoughts?

We would strongly recommend that you stick with one of the other two choices rather than go with the cheapest one. The majority of last minute wedding orders we receive come from couples who found a greatly discounted florist who either suddenly can't do the wedding work or one who goes out of business.  The main reason for a florist quitting on couples seems to stem from the florist grossly undercharging and then panicking when the true cost of their flowers, supplies, and labor comes in. They then call their couple and say there is an unexpected emergency and they can no longer fill the order!  Most florists charge roughly the same, so you are really searching more for a personality match than anything.

Do you serve LGBTQ couples?

Absolutely! You are welcome here, in fact, everyone is welcome here! Just to clarify, we don’t care if this is your 7th marriage; you are a 90 year old bride, and this is your first marriage; you are a man marrying another man; your maid of honor is transgender; you are fusing together a ceremony consisting of a Southern Baptist and an Indian Jew; your future in-laws don’t approve of your marriage…we have heard it all and we support you all! As long as we are helping you to celebrate love and your version of it, we’ve got you, and we are going to do everything we can to make your day as gorgeous as possible!!!

I want something nice but have a very limited budget. Can you tell me what is the best way to save money on my wedding flowers? 

Absolutely, happy to help! Our top tips are: 

Skip the farm tables, they require much more floral designs or garlands which can really blow your budget out of the water. 

Focus on a few key items such as your bridal bouquet(s), and your ceremony arch or chuppah.  These are items sure to be in some of your very favorite photos. Chair sashes can go a very long way for ceremony decor and look really custom in photos.  

For centerpieces, stick to round tables, they require the least amount of floral designs.  And mix up your centerpiece styles.  Half of your tables can have a beautiful fresh floral arrangement, and perhaps the other half can have a gorgeous candlescape with minimal florals. 

If you are interested, we offer many discounted packages on our website.  We have plenty more which have yet to make it to our website, so if you need more options please let us know.