A Night in Bloom is an established, reliable and award winning event florist. Heather Lundy and her team of creatives offer assistance to couples with both large and small budgets, those who seek full service and attention, and those hoping for DIY options. They believe no matter what your budget is all couples deserve beautiful flowers on their wedding day!

A Night in Bloom’s unique design team is very well versed in all of the trends that have come and gone through the years, and therefore they do not focus on one type of floral "style". Heather has established relationships with those in the floral industry for more than 20 years, and as a result knows some of the best wholesalers, local farms, nurseries, and hobby gardeners.  She also knows all of the best places to forage just the right botanical accents for her clients.

From elegant, petal packed centerpieces, to more whimsical and organic inspired styles, A Night in Bloom can create designs to suit any flower loving couple!

Those Who Make It All Happen

It wouldn’t be fair to have an about page without mentioning all of those who have helped A Night in Bloom to grow as much as it has. Some of you just stayed to lend a hand for an event or two and some of you have been with us since the early days. We love you all and would not be here today without you! Thank you so much for the late night laughs, the early mornings, the days of dropping everything to make Lorax cookies or unicorn horns, the impromptu road trips for impossibly beautiful flowers, the time spent walking stubborn French Bulldogs, and just being really great friends!!! Can’t wait to do it all again this year!